We are a group of boys and girls from Anffas Nonprofit in Cagliari.

We have chosen to join the WE for Art project and create a simplified guide to Cagliari’s historic districts.

We decided to create this simplified guide because, while visiting the city monuments,

we did not find any guide that could give us the information in a simple form.

In order to create this guide, we have visited all the monuments.

Some of them were not open to the public.

In order to visit and photograph those places, we had to find the authorized personnel.

Many of the pictures in the guide were taken by us, while others we found on the Internet.

This has been a satisfying and fulfilling experience for us.

For this reason, we decided to create a simplified guide to the Museums of Cagliari. Enjoy!

The boys and girls from Anffas

Erika, Desiree, Carla, Barbara, Valeria, Anna, Susanna, Mara, Roberta, Tiziana, Barbara, Edoardo, Andrea, Fabrizio, Gaetano, Pierandrea, Roberto, Giuseppe, Simone

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