ANFFAS Nonprofit – National Association of Families of Persons with Intellectual and/or Relational Disabilities

is a MAJOR ASSOCIATION created by parents, relatives and friends of persons with intellectual and/or relational disabilities,

operating at local, regional and national level for the promotion and protection of human rights.

It is one the major associations protecting disabled persons, actively and daily working towards

the realization of the ideals of equality of opportunity,non-discrimination and social inclusion.

The organization was founded in Rome in 1958; it is the first Italian association aimed

at the protection of the rights of disabled persons and their families.

In 1964 it was declared a Legal Entity under the Presidential Decree 1542 of 1964.

In 2000 it acquired its Nonprofit status. Since 2002, Anffas Nonprofit has rearranged its activity after a federal model,

conceding full legal, patrimonial and administrative independence to local associations;

furthermore, it provided for the constitution of Regional Entities that represent its associate parties.



ANFFAS Nonprofit organization in Cagliari, founded in 1959,

is a services sector association part of Anffas national network,

operating in accordance with statutory principles to guarantee equality of opportunity,

non-discrimination, wellness and quality of life to persons with disabilities,

fostering their full social involvement and inclusion.

The Association’s domicile is in Via Caboni n°3 in Cagliari,

where it carries out its free of charge promotional and consulting activities towards its members and,

generally, to anyone who may be interested as well as territorial entities.

ANFFAS is a Nonprofit Organization and it mainly operates for the safeguard of

civil and human rights of persons with intellectual and/or relational disabilities.

In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,

its primary objectives are the overall socialinclusion of disabled persons and

the constant improvement of their wellness within family, society and workplaces.

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